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The Law Office of Gibeaut, Mahan & Briscoe, was formed in 1991 by Gary Gibeaut, Greg Gibeaut, Nancy Mahan-Lamb and J. Jackson Briscoe, all of whom were formerly with the law firm of Shield & Smith. At the time, Shield and Smith was the oldest, largest and most prestigious “insurance defense” law firm in Southern California. Gary Gibeaut joined Shield & Smith in 1976, and became a senior partner in 1984. That same year, Nancy Mahan-Lamb and J. Jackson Briscoe joined Shield & Smith. Greg Gibeaut, who had joined the firm in 1979, became a senior partner in 1987.

The Law Office of Gibeaut, Mahan and Briscoe has grown from four (4) attorneys at its founding to sixteen (16) attorneys at present. Having come from a “big firm,” the partners at Gibeaut, Mahan & Briscoe are acutely aware of the problems faced by clients which are inherent in such a firm. The size of Gibeaut, Mahan & Briscoe eliminates those problems, and yet the firm is large enough to handle any type or size of litigation. Given our size, expertise and experience, Gibeaut, Mahan & Briscoe clients are assured prompt and personal attention on every legal matter.

Gibeaut, Mahan and Briscoe’s highly qualified and motivated attorneys and support staff have produced a vigorous, competitive defense firm, which is well equipped to handle a wide variety of cases.

The mission of the Law Office of Gibeaut, Mahan & Briscoe is fairly simple, and yet all too uncommon in today’s legal environment: to provide excellent, cost-efficient results.

Excellence: Gibeaut, Mahan and Briscoe is committed to providing the highest quality and caliber of legal services available anywhere.
Cost-efficient: Every effort is made to minimize the expense of litigation, both in terms of “costs of defense” and “indemnity costs,” while at the same time obtaining excellent results.
Results: Gibeaut, Mahan and Briscoe is a “results-oriented” law firm, whether that means resolving a case with a single phone call the day it arrives in the office or whether that entails taking a case to trial or through appeal. Gibeaut, Mahan & Briscoe attorneys consult with our client early on in every case and formulate a desired result and a strategy to obtain it. We then strive to obtain that result.

As a highly experienced and dedicated group of attorneys, the firm of Gibeaut, Mahan & Briscoe recognizes that the practice of law is both a privilege and a responsibility: the privilege to represent a client’s interest before the Court, and the responsibility to accomplish such representation with the highest ethical and professional standards. The firm is committed to providing each of its clients with the finest legal representation possible, while upholding the ethics, spirit and intent of the law.

The firm of Gibeaut, Mahan & Briscoe knows the importance of keeping clients informed on the best strategies and methods available to resolve disputes. At the outset of every case, we provide our client with an initial review letter, analyzing the relevant factual, legal and damages issues in the case and recommending ways of resolving the matter in the most efficient manner possible. These methods include the use of alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediation, voluntary settlement conferences and arbitration. After our initial evaluation of the matter, our attorneys provide regular updates as to the status and progress of the case until its ultimate, cost-efficient resolution.

In addition, members of Gibeaut, Mahan & Briscoe often visit our clients to provide seminars on recent developments in areas of the law critical to our clients’ interests.